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A: Create a temporary studio install on a new partition and test your program on that installation. If it works then the error is in your real studio install. If it doesn't work then check if you have a "Run diagnostic scripts" option on the Debug configuration. There is also a possibility that your installer is corrupted. You should be able to install another copy of your program on the same partition and see if you get the same error. Q: Why is the word "you" used instead of "y'all"? Why are people using "you" instead of "y'all" in a colloquial (informal) English? What is the word for this? A rule I learned when I was a child was that you should not use the word you in spoken American English. It is a contraction of you and I, and the contraction of the two makes no sense in everyday use. If someone says, "Take a ride in my new red sports car," you can understand the meaning but they would never say, "Take a ride in my new red sports car, you". I would therefore agree with you that most likely the person who said the sentence was using an American dialect or simply not properly speaking American English. On the other hand, if the word you can be contracted from I and you, it makes perfect sense to use you as the subject of the sentence. You and I is not a pronoun, it is an adjective, and an adjective cannot be contracted into a noun. It's like the word rich, which cannot be contracted into a noun because rich is a noun. Surround Yourself with Human Beings Surround Yourself with Human Beings is the third studio album by Canadian rock band The New Cities. Track listing "Can't Survive Without the Feeling" "World Without You" "The Scapegoat" "Forever You and Me" "Don't Want to Change" "Look What You've Done" "Distant Memory" "Suburban Knights" "Raise Your Glass" References Category:2001 albums Category:The New Cities albums Category:Aurora Music albumsM. Amanatullah Khan Mir Moomtaz Ali Khan (known by his title of Khan; 27 April 1894 – 15 June 1981) was



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