February 21, 2019

What have you been reading recently? Dominique has just started Paul Chance’s “Learning and Behavior”.  She jumped straight to a chapter on reinforcement schedules.  It sparked an interesting conversation centered around the question of how to build...

February 15, 2019

This week concludes our conversation with Jane Jackson - and what an ending it is! Jane shares with us another great procedure she used with her horses in which she introduced something new into their environment every day.  


February 7, 2019

In this week’s episode Jane Jackson describes a procedure she used to help her very sensitive, very vigilant horse become comfortable walking with her out away from the barn. 

Jane followed a five day pattern. Day one was exploration day.  Day two was...

February 1, 2019

Our conversation with Jane Jackson continues as she introduces us to her horse, Percy.  Percy is a sensitive, athletic, smart thoroughbred cross who sits on the fringes of any bell shaped curve you might want to fit him into.  He's presented Jane wit...

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