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Episode 91: Training Pop Outs

The January Clicker Expo was the starting point to our conversation. We talk about what is new in Loopy Training and other concepts. One thing leads to another and we ended up talking about training pop outs, note taking, habit formation and the advantage of video records.

Episode 90: Cindy Martin Part 3: Food and Multiple Horses

Clicker trained horses want to play with us. That's a good thing, but there are places where a little less "Pick me! Pick me!" enthusiasm would make life easier. When you have more than one horse and you are trying to get just one out of the pasture gate, how do you deal with all this eagerness to be with you? That's the question we focus on in this continuation of our conversation with Cindy Martin. What are some strategies for managing multiple horses so the situation remains safe and pleasant for both horses and handlers.

Episode 89: Cindy Martin Pt 2: Cushings Disease

Cushings disease is something more and more horses owners are dealing with in part because we are keeping our horses into their old age. Cindy Martin provides a comprehensive starting point for understanding this disease - what are the early symptoms, how do you test for it, manage it, what is the difference between cushings disease and insulin resistance, what on-line resources can help you? Cindy is always so very generous in sharing information. She sent these links for resources related both to this podcast and to the previous podcast on foot care: Enrichment ideas for horses: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1017333658459317/photos/ equine enrichment group webinar: https://m.iaabc