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Episode 88: Cindy Martin Pt. 1: Foot Care

Cindy Martin joins us for Part 1 of a three hour conversation. Cindy is a treasure. Anyone who has been on line in the clicker training community will have met Cindy. She is always there, generously stepping in to help people with their training and health care questions. In this episode Cindy shares the many resources she's found to help people manage their horses' feet.

Episode 87: What Has Changed? Part 2

The publication of the new, revised edition of "The Click That Teaches: A Step By Step Guide in Pictures" created an opportunity to loo back over the past twenty years of clicker training. What changes have we seen in the training community? The conversation took us to errorless learning and the spring Clicker Science Camp. In our discussion of what has changed over the past twenty years we talked about errorless learning and the PORTL game. We described a great example that Mary Hunter has posted on the internet. You can watch it here: And you can learn more about the Clicker Science Camp at: https://www.theclickercenter.com/clicker-science-camp And if you want even more great PORTL exampl

Episode 86: What Has Changed - Part 1

We use the occasion of the publication of the new revised edition of "The Click That Teaches: A Step By Step Guide in Pictures" as the launching point for a discussion of some of the changes we've seen in over the years in positive reinforcement training. Subscribe to it in itunes or your favorite podcast provider.

Episode 85: Miriam Braun: Boots!

Dominique wants to transition two of her horses to barefoot. She's been gathering a team around her to help ensure that the transition goes well. Miriam Braun is a barefoot trimmer who is helping Dominique select and fit boots. Twenty years ago the options for booting were limited. Today they can be overwhelming. There are so many choice. Miriam helps us to make sense of the process. Links and resources Here are some of Miriam's favorite boots: For rehabilitation https://www.easycareinc.com/our_boots/Easyboot-Cloud.asp https://www.softrideboots.com/index.php For performance https://www.easycareinc.com/our_boots/Easyboot-Fury-Heart.asp https://www.easycareinc.com/our_boots/Easyboot-Glove