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Episode 77: Manda Scott Pt 1: Sustainable Horse Care

Horses are grazing animals. But for far too many horses the grass they are eating is making them sick. Why? What can we do about it? And how is this related to the climate change crisis? Find out in this interview with Manda Scott, veterinarian, author, and climate crisis activist. Then join us on facebook at Horses for Future and learn more about how you can make a difference for the health of your horse and the planet. Horse people can make a difference!

Episode 75: Anja Beran Pt 2: Good Riding and Sound Horses

Sound horses - that's what we all want. The question is does your riding contribute to keeping your horses sound? That means so much more than fit. It means are you riding in such a way that your horse will be stay sound well into his twenties? Anja talks about classical dressage and the role that it plays in developing a horse's balance for the good of the horse. This is followed by a discussion of her work between Alexandra and Dominique.