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Episode 70: Becky Chapman Pt 2: Misadventures

In June Alexandra Kurland was visiting with Becky Chapman. Becky runs a training facility in Suffolk, in the UK. One evening they sat down together for what turned into a long and fascinating conversation. In Episode 1 Becky shared her early steps into the horse world. We stopped just as she was about to introduce us to Gazelle, and the drama that came with her. This episode jumps back in where we left off.

Episode 69: Becky Chapman Episode 1: Finding Horses

Becky Chapman is a classical riding instructor and biomechanics coach. And she is also a clicker trainer. In June she joined us for a three hour conversation that ranged over many topics. We've divided it into five episodes. In Episode 1 Becky shares with us how she got started with horses. Becky is a great story teller. Her background is one that is shared by many of us who have always loved horses and who know about the drama that horses often bring with them.

Episode 68: Panda: A Guide Horse For The Blind: Part 4

We’re continuing on with our conversation with Ann Edie. Ann is blind. She uses a miniature horse named Panda as her guide. Last week we stopped at a point where we were asking Ann about the transition from command based to cue based training. This isn’t something that is unique to using a guide horse. If you have come to clicker training from traditional training where you have been told you have to get tougher with your horse so he’ll respect you, this question will resonate with you.

Episode 66: Panda - A Guide Horse for the Blind Part 2

Last week we began a conversation with Ann Edie. Ann is blind. Instead of a dog, she uses a miniature horse named Panda. We’ve been talking a lot about cues in the recent podcasts. There is no better way to illustrate the concepts we’ve been exploring than to talk about Panda’s training and the job she does for Ann. As we normally do, we’ve divided our conversation up into smaller segments. This is part two of that larger conversation. We began last week with the contrast between command and cue based training. We’ll begin here with a question Dominique asked about why Ann chose Panda as her guide.