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Episode 45: Jane Jackson Pt 1: An Appreciation of Ponies!

This week’s podcasting launches a long conversation with Jane Jackson, one of my Click That Teaches coaches. In Part 1 we talk about ponies, eventing and what drew Jane to clicker training. We’re heading towards a tremendous teaching strategy Jane has developed for helping a super vigilant, very reactive horse to be able to cope with new environments and distracting conditions. We’re beginning by first letting you meet Jane as she shares her early background with horses.

Episode 44: What Patience Teaches

What goes into a great relationship? We explore one of the key ingredients. The conversation is led by Patience, one of my young goats who is learning how to “get dressed”, how to put on her collar and harness.

Episode 43: Stop!

The click ends a unit of behavior. When you click, your horse breaks off what he was just doing to get his treat. From the outside looking in this can seem like a huge nuisance. How are you ever going to get anything done with all this stopping? But when you start clicker training, all that stopping begins to make sense. You discover that it’s the keys to the kingdom for creating outstanding performance. In this podcast we’ll explore how this works.

Episode 42: Outstanders

Outstanders is the first a of two part conversation that we recorded on Dec. 31, 2018. A look back over our year of podcast began as we began the very first Equiosity podcast with a goat story. Three of last spring’s babies, Patience, Felicity and Verity, are growing up at The Clicker Center. Patience is excelling noticeably beyond the performance of the other two. Why? What would your guess be? To find out if you’re right, listen to the podcast.