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Episode 41: A Conversation with Mary Concannon Pt. 4: Multiple Learners

We’ve finished out this conversation with Mary Concannon with a longer than usual podcast. We cover two main topics. We start out with a request to Mary Concannon to wear her “other hat”. Mary is a microbiologist. I ask her how she helps her students learn how to read and evaluate scientific literature. For many years Mary had the care of her own horses plus her daughter’s competition horses. I asked Mary how she navigated the tricky waters of managing multiple horses when not everyone was on the same training page. How do you keep peace both at home and in the barn? Mary offers some great tips on working with multiple horses, especially so they are safe at feeding time.

Episode 39: A Conversation with Mary Concannon Pt 2: Our Creative Horses

The question we ended with in last week’s podcast was “how did you shape that?” This week we find out. The answer takes us to a sharing of stories about our creative horses. Clicker training means you can take a supporting role. You don’t have to direct and control everything. You can let your horse “lead the dance”. When you do, you often find that the behaviors that pop out from their good ideas are much better than anything you had in mind at the start of the session.

Episode 38: A Conversation with Mary Concannon Part 1: What Are You Saying?

This episode begins a conversation with Click That Teaches coach, Mary Concannon. Mary is from Ireland, but she is currently based in the UK. In Part 1 of our conversation Mary introduces her thoroughbred, Newby. She tells the story of how Newby came into her life and the hour long bucking fit he surprised her with the first time he was saddled. Newby is a hard luck horse. He's one of those horses who always seemed to have one health issue after another. It was through these various ailments that Mary learned to listen to her horse.