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Episode 37: A Conversation with Cindy Martin - Part 3: Emotional Behavior

Part 3 of our conversation with Cindy Martin shifts to a focus on emotional behavior. Our conversation centers around a thoroughbred mare participating in the fall 2018 clinic at Cindy’s place. Targeting quickly shifted her out of a state of extreme anxiety. This raises the question: what are we reinforcing when we click? Why don’t we get more anxiety instead of less?

Episode 36: A Conversation with Cindy Martin Part 2: Dominance Defined

One of the many reasons I so appreciate the contributions Cindy Martin makes to our understanding of clicker training is the very clear way in which she explains things. She transforms what are often very complex and seemingly incomprehensible concepts into very understandable terms. In this second part of our conversation with her, she tackles a concept that has gained a lot of traction in the training world - dominance. And then she uses MP3 players to help us to understand why training a large repertoire of behaviors can help us get along better with our animals.

Episode 35: A Conversation with Cindy Martin Part 1: Head Shakers

This week we begin a three part conversation with Cindy Martin, one of my “Click That Teaches” coaches. Cindy talks about her background with both horses and dogs. She introduces us to her thoroughbred, Porter. Porter was “that” horse who helped her go beyond the basics of clicker training. Often it is one particularly challenging horse that brings people to clicker training. In Cindy’s case, her Yoda, as she refers to him, was Porter, a thoroughbred with a neurological condition. Porter is a head shaker. In the podcast Cindy describes his condition and the extreme behavior it created. She found the solution through thin slicing her training requests and the building of very predict

Episode 34: When Do You Follow The Rules?

Rules are useful things. They keep us out of trouble -especially when it comes to training. But always it is a study of one - so when do you follow "the rules" and when do you deviate from them? That's what we explore in this week's podcast.

Episode 33: Metaphors and Horse Training

Why do relationships run hot and cold? The question isn’t about the quality of the relationships. It’s about the language we use to describe them. What has temperature got to do with it? And even more what has this got to do with horse training? It turns out quite a lot. The primary metaphors that are formed early on in life become part of our core belief systems. This week’s podcast introduces the work of cognitive linguist, George Layoff. We consider how metaphors and frames effect the training choices we make.