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Episode 24: Do It Differently - Part 1

We all know clicker training works great for horses, but what about cows? In Episode 21, A Postcard from Germany, we shared the story of Snickers, the cow. The day before we recorded this current episode Dominique saw a video of Snickers. She started our conversation by sharing how amazed she was. She had never seen such a joyful cow. Snickers' enthusiasm was a delight to watch, but her size can certainly be intimidating, especially if you aren’t familiar with cows. This led to a discussion of the importance of building a calm solid foundation into your training. That took us straight to husbandry behaviors. Everyone hopes their horse lives a long and healthy life. We don’t want to t

Episode 23: Film Day!

Nancy Kelly and Spybird Productions are doing a documentary on operant conditioning. She recently spent four days at the barn filming the horses. When she was done interviewing me, Dominique and I interviewed her for this podcast. Spybird productions is a small company. It’s Nancy, her videographer, and Bob Bailey. Nancy has known Bob since 2003 so this was a perfect opportunity to learn about the history of operant conditioning - who were the giants whose shoulders we are all now standing on? Nancy had just spent several days in Boston interviewing B.F. Skinner’s daughter, Julie Vargas, so she had some intriguing stories to share. Our questions about Skinner led us to the Brelands and

Episode 22: A Postcard From Italy

Alexandra Kurland’s European adventure continues. In this podcast she is joined by two of her traveling companions, Michaela Hempen and Rebekka Schulze. Together in this "audio postcard” they describe the second half of Anja Beran’s International Workshop. On the drive south to Italy, they take you through the Austrian Alps, share a tour of Verona with archaeologist and tag teacher Luce Canever, and then arrive in Parma for the second half of the adventure - a clicker training workshop. That workshop was filled with many treats, including a session each day with a Feldenkrais instructor. You’ll learn about the Feldenkrais work and why it is so linked to clicker training. Through the pod

Episode 21: A Postcard From Germany

Alexandra Kurland recently traveled to Germany to attend Anja Beran’s annual International Workshop. She is joined in this podcast by Michaela Hempen, one of her Click That Teaches coaches. Together they are sending back an audio postcard describing the workshop and their other adventures in Germany.

Episode 20: A Conversation With Hannah Brannigan Part 3: Reinforcement Strategies

Our conversation with Hannah continues with a discussion of reinforcement variety and what do you do when your training goes off the rails? We then head off in a new direction. The focus on good balance seems to help our horses and dogs remain healthy and active into their senior years. What can we learn from this training that we could make use of for ourselves? Hannah’s answer provides clarity for teaching good movement whether you are working with horses, dogs or people. This loops us back to task analysis, the concept we were discussing in Part 1 of our conversation.