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Episode 19: A Conversation With Hannah Brannigan Part 2: A Great Start

Last week in our Equiosity podcast we greeted our first guest, Hannah Brannigan. Our conversation with Hannah continues. In the previous episode we stopped just as Hannah made the very intriguing statement that in the past many of the things that we would have thought were fixed, such as an animal's structure, can be changed through good training. We pick up with a discussion of what that means and why should we bother? What are the benefits that we have observed in our own animals? As always, it is good to begin at the beginning, which in Hannah’s case means talking about her new puppy. Where do you start? That was the question that was posed. Hannah is teaching her puppy reinforcement str

Episode 18: A Conversation With Hannah Brannigan: Part 1: Why Does Good Balance Matter?

This week we welcome our first guest to our equiosity podcast. We’re joined by Hannah Brannigan. Many of you will already be familiar with Hannah’s work. She’s a member of the Clicker Expo faculty, and she also has her own, very popular podcast - Drinking from the toilet. Hannah is both a professional dog trainer and a horse owner so it’s easy to make the connections back and forth between training dogs and training horses. We both enjoy her podcast, so it was easy to get carried away in our conversation. We ended up talking for about two hours. We covered so many different topics we decided it was too much for one podcast so we split it into three much more digestible units. This week i

Episode 17: Why Train? Is Training Art or Science?

Baby goats lead us to an understanding of why we train - and that takes us to a discussion of the "Art of Training". Dominique questions what is meant by that expression. What does it mean? Should we be drawn into the lyricism of this phrase or is it better to look at the science of training?

Episode 16: Heads Are Spinning!

Heads are spinning in the best way possible after the June 30th webinar with Dr. Jesús Rosales-Ruiz. We taped this podcast the following day so naturally we couldn’t help but begin with a review of some of the key concepts Jesús covered. He gave us a packed webinar which gave us a great launching point for a discussion that began with the use of jargon when describing different training techniques and led on to loopy training, the difference between emotions and emotional responses, and macro versus micro training.