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Movement Cycles and All They Create

Movement cycles give us the beginning kernel, the beginning small step in our training out of which we can grow great changes. In this podcast movement cycles are first defined, then we describe how they can be used with the foundation lessons to create dramatic changes in a horse’s balance. So how do you learn to recognize good balance? How do you know what you’re clicking for? This leads us to a discussion of kindness. In the podcast Alexandra Kurland describes the changes in a horse she met at a clinic. Over the course of three days, using a very basic, foundation-level lesson this horse took on a completely new look. We promised you that we would include the before and after photos


Goblins and Ghosts - Oh My Oh My! What do you do when your horse spooks? That’s the opening question of this podcast. We explore what it means to be a constructional trainer. You want to build the skills you’re going to need BEFORE you need them. A great skill building exercise is the creativity game: “101 Things a Handler Can Do While A Horse Stands on a Mat.” We describe how you can use this to prepare your horse for a world filled with novelty.

Train Where You Can

It’s spring here in the Northeast which means the Siren’s call of the grass is pulling at our horses. In this podcast we talk about how to turn the grass from a distraction into a reinforcer. That takes us to the general training principle of “Train where you can, not where you can’t.” We define Loopy Training and look at how that teaching strategy can help create clean training. Be sure to listen all the way to the end. We’re including a bonus article with this week’s podcast.


How well does your horse adjust to change? When you take your horse on a weekend outing or you move him to a new barn, how well does he settle in? Do you recognize his signs of stress and do you adjust your expectations based on his needs? These are just a few of the threads we follow in this week’s conversation. We wind our way around to the homecoming many of us find when we begin to explore clicker training.