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Listen and Learn

Introduction to Behavior Analysis

Unit 1: What is Behavior Analysis?

ABAI Conference Report Part 1 Introduction

ABAI Conference Report Part 2 Creativity

ABAI Conference Report Part 3  Connections

ABAI Conference Report Part 4  More Connections

What is Behavior Analysis?


Unit 2: From Aristotle to B.F. Skinner

From Aristotle to Thorndike's Cats

B.F. Skinner's Early Studies

B.F. Skinner and the Discovery of Shaping

Uri Alon: The Cloud

Uri Alon: Grab a Whale By the Tail


Unit 3: Reinforcement and the Quadrants

What is Reinforcement?

Reinforcement and Punishment

The Quadrants

Negative Punishment and Traffic Tickets

Negative Punishment: Whose Perspective

Loose Lead Leading and the Quadrants


Unit 4: The Quadrants in the Real World

What Is It? Examples Parsed

The World is Not Black and White

Consequences and Proximity

Extinction: The Good and the Bad

Unintended Extinction

What Am I doing?


Unit 5: The Premack Principle

The Premack Principle Defined

Reinforcement is a Process Not a Thing

Identifying New Reinforcers

Choice and the Premack Principle


Unit 6: Reinforcement Effectiveness


The Effect of Deprivation

Reinforcement Characteristics

Ease of Reinforcement

Competing Reinforcers

What Did You Learn?

E.L. Thorndike

B. F. Skinner 

The basic science of behavior

We will talk about the science of positive reinforcement, but also practical implications and why all of this matters for animal trainers. Understanding more about the science and some of the past research that has been done can make us more effective as trainers. It can also help us better understand why certain training procedures work and why our animals do certain things. 

The course is $250.  This includes 31 audio lessons.  Each lesson also includes additional notes, videos, references, and lessons for you and your horse.

Your registration gives you membership in the course material for a year.  If you want to continue to access the course after your year is up, you can extend your membership for $15 per year.

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