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Bonus Videos for Episode 35-37

Episodes 35 - 37 featured a conversation with Cindy Martin.  Cindy introduced us to her thoroughbred, Porter.  this first video is a short clip that Cindy shared with me.  It shows the greeting ritual that she has developed with Porter.

To view the video use this link:     You will need a password to watch the video: Porter112018

The second video was taken at the fall 2018 clinic at Cindy’s place and features her big field hunter, Reuben.  We were working on lateral flexions.  The clip shows the connection between ground work and riding. 


Ground work is just riding where you get to stand up, and riding is  ground work where you get to sit down.  It’s the same lesson.

If you aren’t familiar with lateral work or single-rein riding, don’t worry about trying to figure out what we were doing or why.  The real message of this clip is the connection between the ground work and riding.  Prime a lesson on the ground first and it is available to you under saddle.

If you would like to learn more about these lessons, you'll find lots of instructional material at

To watch the video use this link: You will need a password to watch the video: Reuben112018


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