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Resources For Exploring Single Subject Design Studies


In Episode 27: Single-Subject Design our guest, Michaela Hempen, shared with us an introduction to the type of studies that are used in behavior analysis.  Instead of looking at large groups and then using statistics to analyze the data, individuals provide their own control.


This podcast set the stage for Episode 28 in which Michaela shared with us a study she has been doing on cribbing.


For people who want to explore this further and apply this type of research design to their own training puzzles Michaela has provided us with a number of resources:  


You may enjoy this lecture to learn about graphs (you can enroll for free)


Here's how to create a graph


And there are many youtube tutorials, e.g.


The study Michaela mentioned in Episode 27 about the study of individual bacterial cells is publicly available here. Published 28 August

Michaela’s comment: even without reading the intimidating article, there are nice pictures of illuminated cells. But if you read it, it's quite fascinating. 


This is the textbook Michaela referred to at the start of Episode 27:

There are older versions that are cheaper and equally informative.

_MMD3751 Michaela with Asfaloth.jpg

Michaela with her Arab cross, Asfaloth

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