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The site about all things equine 
with a special emphasis on the horse-human bond

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Presented by Alexandra Kurland and Dominique Day

We both love training. When the two of us get together, it's a non-stop conversation. That is what we want to share on this web site.

Listen and learn

Listen and Learn

Audio Course Series

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An Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis

The first of the Listen and Learn audio course series.  Alexandra and Dominique have invited Behavior Analyst Mary Hunter to join them to present this exploration of Applied behavior analysis fundamentals. The course is delivered in their usual, friendly, conversational tone.  


If you are a beginner, you will feel very welcome.  We begin with basics, and we ask Mary lots of the same questions you would be asking.  


If you are a student of behavior analysis, you’ll enjoy the many "rabbit holes" we journey down. 


The course is divided into 6 units.  Each topic within these units has an audio file plus accompanying notes.  The notes summarize the audio file and provide additional videos, references, and lessons for you to explore. 


What does Equiosity mean?

Take "equus" and combine that with "curiosity" and you get Equiosity.  That explains what this website is all about.  We are endlessly curious about horses. Over the coming months, we will be sharing our love of horses and fascination with training.

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Alexandra  Kurland


Dominique Day

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There is always so much more to say about every subject we talk about in the podcast.  So to complement the podcast content,  we've chosen some bonus materials for you.

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